6 Getting Ready Tips: To Keep This Part Of The Day Stress-Free!

August 21, 2023

6 Getting Ready Tips:

To Keep This Part Of The Day Stress-Free!

A peak into some special moments on E & J’s wedding day.


Documenting those precious getting ready moments at the start of your wedding day means you’ll capture the entire story of your wedding. Giving you a reminder of the behind the scenes and how all the small little details came together. Here are 6 Getting Ready Tips to keep this part of the day running stress-free!

1: Choose a large space with a lot of natural light – This allows for the most flattering light giving you a more natural feel in your photos. This doesn’t have to be a bedroom/bathroom if the space allows it hop into the living room or dining room! Somewhere you and your beauty team can comfortably walk around or have a dance party in. Avoid small dark spaces that can end up overcrowded and easily cluttered.

2: Ask your getting ready crew to keep the space clean – Tuck away anything non-essential or items you’d like to eliminate from photos. This will already be on my radar when I enter a space but it’s always helpful for your wedding party to be aware of so they can assist in tucking away personal items like water bottles, bags etc.

3: Remember to set aside any personal items you’d like photographed – Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a beautiful lay flat photo that includes your personal vow books, invitations, perfume, extra florals from your arrangements, gifts, jewellery etc. The best way to ensure all this gets captured is to collect these special items together and put them aside in a box for your photographer. That way when they arrive you’re ready to hand these off and let them create some magic!

4: Ask whoever (Mom/MOH/Sister) is helping you into your dress to be completely ready by the time you are stepping into your dress. No one wants to feel rushed or pressed for time, especially the bride. Best to share your timelines with your getting ready people to ensure everyone is on track and has a some buffer time in case things run a little longer than expected.

5: Plan if you’d like to do a first look with your family/friends – This can make for some very special photographs. Maybe you’d prefer to show off your final look to your hype team or have a quiet moment with your Dad to calm your nerves. Whatever suits I’ll help you brainstorm the perfect reveal!

6: Take a moment for you – Even if it’s just 5 – 10 mins try and sneak away to have a little chill just for you. Maybe you read a note from your love, sip some coffee or write out your feelings for the day in a journal. This day goes fast. So take it all in and be as present as you can be.