. Documenting Love In Wild Places .

. Sea to Sky → Vancouver Island .


I’m into those real moments.

The little starry-eyed gazes we give one

another when we figure

no one else is looking.

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The genuine laughter, the quirky traditions and the inside jokes.

I want to capture the moments that make your love truly yours.

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Hi I’m



The big-hearted gal behind the lens who's into all the stuff that makes your heart feel full and race like mad.

I’m an adventurous wedding photographer in the Pacific Northwest, based in Squamish BC.

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I'm a huge popcorn lover

My evenings are usually spent consuming a salad bowl worth of tasty stovetop kernels. (Butter, salt, & nutritional yeast are my favourite toppings - if haven't experienced it yet I promise you'll be hooked in no time)


I love you more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow.

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