Outfit Ideas for Your Engagement Photoshoot

November 3, 2023

What better way to celebrate your engagement than with an engagement photoshoot? It’s the perfect opportunity to document this amazing chapter of your life and embrace being in the exciting midst of it!

But deciding to book an engagement session is one thing—deciding what you’re going to wear is a whole different ball game! Don’t worry: I’m here to help. In this post, I’ll walk you through the types of outfits that work best for an engagement shoot and the clothing options you definitely want to avoid (just in case).

Let’s jump in, shall we?

couple poses together on a blanket outdoors for their engagement photoshoot on Vancouver Island

Tips on What to Wear for Your Engagement Photoshoot

You want to hit your engagement photos out of the park, and you know what you wear matters. As a professional engagement photographer, I’ve captured tons of couples who’ve made some ultra-flattering style choices, so I’ve become well acquainted with what shows up best on camera.

Yup—I’ve been around the Vancouver Island engagement session block—so I know while there’s no perfect formula for getting your outfit just right, there are some best practice tips you can use as a guide for success. 

You can’t go wrong with neutrals.

Colours like black, white, brown and gray always make for a classic look. The neutral colours like brown and gray can be a bit muted or bold and still look great on camera either way. Because these are so timeless, choosing a neutral outfit ensures you won’t have any regrets when you look back in five, ten, or twenty years.

Think fancy/casual attire. 

When deciding on the overall vibe of your outfits, try to strike a balance between casual and something a little more fancy. Dressy casual, if you will. Of course, this only makes sense if you feel comfortable in this type of outfit, but generally, it comes across as polished while still making room for your own personal style. 

Young couple strolls outside in the grass on Vancouver Island during their engagement photoshoot

Comfy shoes are key.

Remember that during your engagement session, you’re going to be on your feet! Make sure you set yourself up for success with comfortable footwear. During your photoshoot, you’ll be walking, sitting, and standing, so your outfit and shoes should move effortlessly with you. 

Of course, comfort is subjective too: if you can move well and freely in chunky heels or high heels, go for it! But consider bringing a change of shoes you can swap in if you need them, for example, hiking boots or shoes that make getting to your session location a little easier.

Check the weather.

Have you checked the weather for the date of your Vancouver Island engagement session? Many of my engagement sessions take place outside. Knowing that the weather here can change in a minute, it’s important to be prepared. Checking the weather in advance is a must—and don’t worry, I’ll have your back on this! Just in case, you may want to consider dressing in layers or bringing an umbrella if a rain cloud decides to show up.

Dress like yourselves. 

Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel like yourself during your engagement session. No matter what you wear, it should emulate who you truly are. Don’t feel like you need to change your style completely for your engagement photos. Dress in what makes you feel confident—you can never go wrong with that.

Woman in a plaid jacket sits on the lap of her partner on a rocky beach captured by their engagement photographer

Outfit Choices to Avoid for Your Vancouver Island Engagement Session

This outfit guide wouldn’t be complete without touching on the types of outfit choices you want to avoid for your engagement photoshoot. To each their own, but typically it’s best to stay away from the options below!

Say no to bold stuff and big logos.

The best practice when choosing your engagement photoshoot outfit is to avoid bright, bold patterns and colours. These options aren’t always complimentary to the scenery, and can even show up a little awkward in photos. They can also be distracting, and so can big logos, so you’ll want to avoid those too.

Matching outfits.

There’s a difference between having a look that goes together and a look that’s exactly the same. If you’re tempted to go matchy-matchy with one another, take a step back and consider how your outfits complement each other without being the same, and then build them up from there.

Wearing an outfit you haven’t tried on yet. 

Buying something new for your engagement photoshoot? I love that for you! But here’s the thing: Don’t wait until the day-of to try your outfit on. While you hope it turns out for the best, I know the worst-case scenarios can happen: it doesn’t fit properly, doesn’t look like you’d hoped, or shows up looking way (like waaaaaay) different than it did in the photo. If you’re going to get a special outfit for your session, buy it far enough in advance that you can try it on, and/or have a great backup plan in place. 

Newly engaged couple locks eyes while their Vancouver Island wedding photographer snaps a photo

Final Tips to Make the Most of Your Engagement Session 

Thinking of adding a little something extra to your session? I love the idea of bringing props or add-ons that personalize your session. So the answer is YES: bring that champagne, that picnic blanket, or the furry friend that makes your family complete. Those extra touches go a long way in not just adding to the photos themselves, but also making the whole experience even more memorable for you.

Young couple twirls at dusk in celebration of their Vancouver Island engagement

Book Your Engagement Photoshoot Today 

If you really want to put together amazing outfits for your engagement session, these tips will help you: wear neutrals, and comfortable footwear, and focus on striking a balance between fancy and casual attire. Also, avoid bright, bold colours, and logos, and remember to check the weather.

I hope that helps you! If reading this left you inspired about documenting your engagement, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s chat about what kind of session you envision and start planning your photoshoot together.